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Composystem™ RI MIL

Modular rollable flooring to equip pitched structures, command and first aid centres, parking areas for rubber wheel vehicles and various types of events. It can be easily assembled in whichever form or dimension without the need for tooling .Transportable. and stowable in preassembled rolls that can be made up depending on the requirements. This flooring guarantees draining and naturally adapts itself the ground. It is sturdy, shockproof and resistant to U.V. Fireproof Product Class 1




  • Rollerpick - Quick release system on rollers for large surfaces
  • Pick - Manual release system for small surfaces
  • ORT Kit connettore

Laboratory Tests and Certifications

  • Static Compression test ( load capacity ) - Università di Ferrara Lab. Ing. Industriale
  • Cyclical stress test on the integrated hinges    - Università di Ferrara Lab. Ing. Industriale
  • Reaction to Fire UNI 9177 - Istituto Giordano S.p.a.
  • Home Office Approval . - Fire Brigade, Public Safety and Civil Defence
  • Resistant to chemical agents raw material

Colours available